Friday, March 19, 2010

Thyroid disease, pre-diabetes, osteoarthritis, asthma, soy allergy...OH MY!

Just looking at the title makes me feel as if I am 80 years old. What is a 38 year old doing with all of these issues? I should be fit and trim..right? By whose or what standards?

I look at the calculators they have, calculating my BMI and weight. They say that a person my height should weigh 140-150lbs, give or take. That is insane! I would look like a skeleton and my family would be sending me to a treatment center for anorexia. I have lost weight like that and did look like that. Why do we have to look like starving super models to fit in to what society thinks we should look like? I have decided, for myself, to lose what I need to lose but not by these numbers. I am going to lose to get down to what is healthy for me which is around 170(at the lowest)to 185(at the highest) because for me this is healthy and does feel good and look good. I am going to keep my curves, thank you, and keep most of my boom boom booty and hopefully keep my "home-grown" Texas rack just and voluptuous as they ever have been!( husband will be very happy for that last comment!)

I decided to write a blog for anyone who wanted to follow my progress, ask me questions or just want to write a little something for support of what I am doing because without the love of friends and is real tough to do but with it you can really succeed alot faster..along with God's help and support.

I started this diet..oops..."lifestyle change" 257 and am now 247. It sometimes teeters back and forth do your monthly cycle and all. I never really looked at my number and said wow..your fat..I guess because I always felt comfortable in my own skin and no one ever really judged me or put me down for it until I moved to Colorado. Here in Boulder, they are all about fitness, healthy living and outdoor life. I feel out of place sometimes because I am so much bigger than alot of folks here and when I do see another heavy woman I get excited and tell my husband.."Hey, there's a big lady!" I feel better. sad am I? I am just used to being in a state that is..sorry my sweet Texas..Heavier. it is sad, but true. We southerners just LOVE our FRIED foods! Believe me, this is one thing very hard to give up BUT I have to to live a longer life for myself and my family. Having younger children, I really do need to get it together so I can be the hottest older mom going into the elementary school..that's what I am talking about! Just really...I really do want to be:)

Anyways..I will try to post everyday or every other day. I will post my feelings, progress and will answer or help anyone who wants to go on the journey with me or just give me a little pat on the back every now and then:) May God Bless us and keep us always and make sure we don't stray off the path to a New You and Me. Take Care!

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